Good News for Australian Expats Holding Offshore Bonds

Expat Globe

Offshore bonds are a good and popular option for expats looking for a safe long term investment.

Australians are in a particularly good position as they will be virtually free of any tax liability whilst abroad if they hold a Guernsey based offshore bond. In addition even upon return to Australia they will not be liable for Australian Income Tax.

While ordinarily residents in Australia are liable for income tax on their worldwide income this is not applicable if income derives from an offshore bond held for over 10 years.

This information will be relevant to a large and growing population of Australians living abroad. Australian expats have been a core expat community for decades and a significant part of many Australian's lives is the time spent abroad which often stretches into many years of profitable employment.

This is at odds with the generally accepted view of Australians going abroad for a short time after or before university.

In addition the expatriate community within Australia has grown in recent years and is expected to continue with strong growth in the future as highly skilled workers are attracted by Australia's growing commodities fueled economic boom.