Expats warned over internet fraud

Internet Fraud

British expatriates around the world need to be vigilant regarding internet fraud, as banks and experts warn they are more at risk then their onshore counterparts.

Financial fraud and identity theft are big business for global cyber-crooks, this year alone CIFAS, the UK's fraud prevention body, has reported 80,000 caes of identity fraud. Because expats will tend to partake in more online banking, they are more likely to be at risk.

This is prompting offshore banks to warn their customers of the dangers, and to be extra careful with emails. Both Irish Nationwide and Abbey International have written to their clients in recent weeks, highlighting the type of scam that may be forthcoming.

To ensure you don't fall victim to a scam, try and follow the following guidelines:

Don't write down passwords, especially not on your computer

Change your password regularly and make sure it cannot be guessed. Use both numbers and letters

Only use your own computer when banking online, as opposed to a public computer i.e. in an internet café

Make sure you always log out of your account when you finish your online banking

Be wary of emails from friends that are worded strangely, they too could have been compromised

Despite the warnings there is no need to panic, avoiding fraudsters is not impossible and all it requires is a bit of common sense and vigilance.