Middle East jobs attract more expats

Middle East favoured by expats

More and more would-be expatriates are favouring a move to Middle East locations such as Qatar and Oman. Recent figures have shown that the country has seen a rise in employment chances for expats by around 8.3 percent in the last year.

Careertunity, a popular recruitment company found in the Middle East, claims that this growth is set to rise even more in 2012. Their figures are based on the surge in applicants from expats the world over. The job market of the UAE has always been favourable for skilled foreigners and there are many jobs available for those who can do them.

The general manager of Careertunity, Sudeshna Mukherjee, said: “Expatriates account for over 90 percent of the entire working population of the UAE. This key statistic provides a clear picture of what really drives the country's job market. Several junior, mid-level and senior-level professionals from different countries continue to actively search for gainful employment opportunities in the UAE and this has in turn helped several business organisations in the country to maintain a highly competent pool of manpower resources.”

A staggering 91.5 percent of all workers in the UAE are made up of expatriates and it’s this wealth of foreign workers that has assisted the Middle East in maintaining its high levels of recruitment. To find out more information please see our article on Working Abroad for expats.