Even younger Brits strive to expatriate



Along with record numbers of skilled professionals now leaving Britain's shores for greater rewards overseas, it seems that Britain's future skilled professionals have the same idea in mind.

New research has revealed that Britain now has more students venturing to study abroad than any other country that could essentially be compared as one of its peers. Apparently there are around 22,000 British students studying at foreign universities, which is a huge number.

Reasons for the student exodus are believed to be similar to the reasons older people are leaving the UK- finances.

With tuition fees sky-rocketing up to £9,000, students are realising that they can enjoy a potentially more rewarding university experience overseas for pretty much the same cost as staying in England. And like becoming an expat in later years, studying abroad could make students more attractive for would-be employers when they complete their studies.

The study was led by Vincenzo Raimo of Nottingham University. Speaking about the increase in departing students he said: “I think the number would have risen anyway as students became more aware of the advantages of studying in a different country, but without a doubt, financial considerations will increasingly influence students' decisions.”