Top 5 expat destinations to earn big money



As global economies shudder at the thought of another financial crisis, many people must be thinking of possible escape plans, places they can go that could perhaps shield them somewhat from financial hard times.

This practice is one employed by expats, for expats traditionally do enjoy a greater level of earning power and financial security.

But with so many attractive expat destinations to choose from, where do you travel to if your one goal is to earn as much money as possible?

Ponder no more, as here the five expat destinations that are most likely to see your bank balance skyrocket.

Saudi Arabia

Expats living in Saudi Arabia are known to have considerable disposable income for two main reasons-low tax and attractive employment packages.

Expat employment packages in Saudi Arabia often come with accommodation fully paid for and a company car, and if you remove the costs of housing together with the cost of tax you’ll no doubt find you have a lot more money left at the end of every month than before.

Another reason why you may have more money in Saudi is, to be blunt, there’s not much there for you to actually spend it on! Saudi Arabia is a strict Muslim country and there is virtually no drinking culture. p>


Expats living in Egypt get good disposable income factors for similar reasons to Saudi Arabia- good packages and low tax. However, Egypt is currently rather unstable politically, and the urge may be to make money quickly and then get out as soon as possible.


Singapore is another high paying, high earning, high flying destination where expats can make a lot of money and benefit from low rates of tax. However, Singapore can also be a very expensive place to live, and expats costs are higher than in Saudi Arabia or Egypt. On the plus side, Singapore is a busy, bustling and exciting place to live. With your high expat salary you will be able to live an excellent life, and if you’re the type who likes to play hard after working hard there are countless ways to live a lavish life away from the workplace.


Switzerland is similar to Singapore in terms of expat money matters. The nation offers high salaries and low taxes, giving expats enjoy strong disposable income, but day to day life can be expensive. Accommodation, groceries, education, healthcare, all of these can bring high costs.


Russia also scores highly for disposable income levels, with expats easily achieving a high standard of living in the country. However, Russia can also be a very expensive place for expats to live in, and accommodation, groceries and entertainment may drain your high salary somewhat.