Turkish residence permits to face new scrutiny

The Council of Europe (CoE) have made new moves to regulate the issues under which foreigners are given residence permits in Turkey. A statement issued by the CoE says the organisation is going to investigate whether Turkey’s practices are in line with those set out in the European Social Charter.

Flag of Turkey

The CoE said that they had unearthed a number of problems with Turkey’s equal opportunities for expat workers, especially the restrictive nature in which permit applicants were dealt with. Expat residency permits have long been under the spotlight in Turkey and the CoE feel that now is the time for changes to be made.

Turkish regulations have enabled foreigners to stay as tourists in the country for up to 90 days however people who wish to stay longer and become residents are made to go through an arduous procedure with a wealth of red tape, multiple trips to police stations, un-clear forms and such. Within the last year however Turkish authorities have acknowledged these issues and made moves to reduce the amount of admin that is involved.

There are still problems with residency issues, expats are allowed to stay just five years before reapplying and are restricted to 4 permits, or a maximum of 20 years. Spouses must first apply for a two year permit before applying for 5 year extensions in subsequent applications.