Drinking ban imposed in Dubai

Alcohol Ban

All expat bars in the busy Al Barsha part of Dubai have been handed a ban preventing them from serving alcohol between the hours of 4pm and 6pm.

It appears that Dubai authorities were unhappy with the level of drinking some expats were partaking in, and while only one English-style pub was originally given the ban, it has now been extended to all drinking establishments in the area.

Any bar that ignores the ban will suffer the consequences. A source from Dubai’s police force said: “It has been the case that some premises have been selling alcohol all through the day and it was not controlled. That is why these pubs and bars have been ordered to stop until 6pm. It is a very strict rule and some officers without uniform are on patrol to see if the rules are being obeyed. If people are still serving we can shut the pub and hit them with a big fine.”

This alcohol ban further underlines the conflict that is arising between the strongly religious natives of Dubai and the growing numbers of western expat workers. Trends have risen for expatriate workers to embark on early drinking sessions at the end of the week, and this seems to be becoming a concern for the Emirati authorities.

As the law currently stands alcohol can only be sold in specially licensed expat bars, and expats who wish to consume alcohol in their homes must obtain a special liqueur license.