Gold to Go launches in London

Gold to Go

The United Kingdom’s first ever gold vending machine has launched in London.

The UKs first Gold to Go vending machine was unveiled in London at the Westfield shopping centre this past Friday.

Created by the German company Ex Oriente Lux, the gold vending machines have already proved to be a success in Germany, Italy, Spain, the US and the United Arab Emirates. The machines sell a range of different gold items, bars and coins in varying sizes and prices. The prices are always the exact current market cost as the machine is constantly online and updating the price of its golden products.

The new London machine also has a special souvenir- an exclusive London-branded 2.5 gram gold bar with the London skyline engraved on it.

The gold comes in high quality packaging and is being touted as a unique, unusual, and desirable gift. Ex Oriente Lux said “All products come from renowned contributors and are sold in a top
quality boxing, thus making Gold to Go a great and nonstandard gift idea. At a price of
about 41 GBP, a 1 gram gold bar is about as cheap as a bouquet of flowers, but is sure not
to wither.”

However, Ex Oriente Lux are not simply targeting gift-buyers, they hope that the Gold to Go machines will be used by real investors who are interested in buying large amounts.