Expat jobs in Oman



The Ministry of Manpower in Oman has announced that it has no intention of restricting expatriate workers in 2012.

During 2011 there was some unrest in the Middle East as unemployment among native citizens saw a rise. In response to this, authorities in Saudi Arabia launched the Nitaqat scheme which aimed to help increase the number of Saudis in employment, but potentially limit the amount of expats.

Fears subsequently spread throughout the expat community that such initiatives could prop up throughout the Gulf Coast, however voices from within the Oman authorities suggest that such fears are unnecessary.

An Oman government official said: “We are still issuing new work permits for expatriates and renewing expiring ones. Oman’s economy is rapidly expanding and we need both workforces (local and foreign) to meet our growth targets. We have many important projects, either ongoing or about to be signed, and we cannot be complacent.”

Oman is a hugely popular location for expatriate workers from the UK. Skilled foreigners are held in high regard and often land lucrative employment packages, and there is the added bonus of minimal taxation. Learn more about expatriate life in the Middle East by consulting our detailed Oman City Guide.