Australia wants British spies

Australian Flag

An exciting job opportunity has opened up in Australia for British Expatriates- in the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS).

The ASIS are giving British spies the chance to jump ship over tho Australia, and receive full Australian citizenship in the process. The ASIS are seeking to take advantage of reports that operatives at MI6, Britain’s secret service, are growing disillusioned in the face of job cuts, pay freezes and emphasis on UK -based desk work, as opposed to the jet-set work made famous by characters such as James Bond.

To capitalise on this reported malaise the ASIS placed an advert in MI6's Vauxhall office, and so far up to 50 UK spies have responded.

A spokesman for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office talked down the poaching drive: “There is a very close relationship between the Australian Secret Intelligence Service and SIS, and job advertisements of this type are not unusual.”

Professor Anthony Glees of the University of Buckingham's Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies added: “Though there are certainly some spies keen to go to Australia But from my sources, I understand that most officers are happy with the slight cuts they will take as part of the spending review, especially as it doesn't look like there will be many redundancies.”