Making friends abroad- beating expat loneliness


Lonely Expat

One of the main problems that expats encounter when they are in a new country is loneliness. Everyone needs friends, people you can relax around after work hours and enjoy leisure time with.

In previous years expats were, in many cases, shipped abroad by their existing employer, and what this meant is that they were also given a considerable amount of assistance, i.e. assigned somebody to show them the ropes of their new country and generally look after them.

However, nowadays becoming an expat is not only for those who work in big companies. Many people choose to simply up sticks and move abroad, seeking a change of life and new experiences. Doing so is not only bold and admirable, but research has shown that moving away from your country of origin and experiencing new cultures actually helps you develop into a better person, let alone make you considerably more employable in an increasingly international job market.

What this also means is that you may not have the same level of comfort as those that travel abroad with help.

Loneliness and isolation are serious concerns that must be addressed with. Even the most strong-willed individuals need a level of companionship, and so it’s important to try and meet people when living abroad on your own.

There are always ways to meet like-minded people, you just need to put in a little effort. Not only is it important for your mental health, but if you don’t find happiness in your new country then your tenure as an expat will likely be a short one.