Younger Brits see brighter future overseas


British youth

A survey examining the attitudes of young British citizens the UKs quality of life has revealed that a third feel they will have better experiences by moving abroad.

Research conducted by Post Office International Payments discovered that around 33 percent of 18-34 year old Britons are open to and considering a move abroad and becoming an expat. The main reasons for a move mentioned were general better quality of life, an escape from the infamous British weather and a better balance between work and personal time, another area the UK is criticised for.

More results show that higher salaries abroad tempt around 43 percent of the respondents, and 63 percent sought a greater quality of life.

Sara Munro from Post Office International Payments said: “The combination of financial constraints and a difficult job market is making a move overseas look more and more attractive for young people from the UK. A move abroad can seem like a daunting prospect, particularly for younger people and their parents, and our research tells us that many are deterred by the thought of the expense and complication. For anyone who is looking to set up home in a new country, the Post Office International Payments service can help ease the process. Fee free international money transfers can be used for house deposits and any other set up costs, helping those relocating to avoid any potential bank charges.”