Brit pensioners struggling

OAP Worry

A lack of financial planning is leading to a number of British pensioners struggling in their later years, even those who have left the UK for an expatriate retirement.

Current figures show that retiring abroad is a very popular option for British citizens who seek a better way of life for their life after work. Poor weather and poor pensions are two of the main reasons that send retirees away in their droves, and as these factors show no signs of passing it is not surprising that more and more people are leaving the UK.

However, to successfully become expatriate pensioners, people must first find a suitable location, and make sure they have enough money saved up to enjoy a comfortable retirement.

Pensioners who move abroad need to manage their finances in a manner that will enable them to achieve retirement bliss through their savings and pension income.

Another statistic, albeit a more worrying one, is that a large amount of retirees are not seeking out financial advice. Financial advice is incredibly important, especially for expats. There are a number of financial products and pensions schemes that are available to expat retirees, and in some cases you may not be aware of these if you do not speak to an adviser.

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