Expats urged to learn new language

New Language

People expatriating to a new country have been urged to learn the language of their new country as soon as possible.

Stefano Lucatello, a senior partner at The International Law Centre, has spoken about the importance of getting to grips with the language of your new home- before you actually get there. He said: “People appreciate the fact that you try. It's imperative that you do that.”

Although most popular destinations will have English as a business language, learning the native language will not only assist you with a smoother transition, but it will also endear you to your new peers. It will also help you with your day-to-day life. Tasks such as grocery shopping will be infinitely easier if you have a grasp of the local language.

For this reason it is much more beneficial for you to have begun the learning process before you get to your new home, as you will have a handy base of knowledge as soon as you get there.

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