10 million Brits left dissatisfied by UK banks

UK Banks

Two out of five people have claimed they feel their bank offers an unsatisfactory service, and four out of ten stated they would not recommend their bank to a friend, with poor customer service cited as the main point of negativity.

Some other interesting reasons for bank disillusionment were also discovered; 37 per cent were upset by the perceived profits of banks along with staff bonuses. A further 29 percent felt that they were not treated with care by the bank, more like a faceless customer.

However, the report also learnt that many people do not put a lot of effort into choosing a bank, which could be a big reason for the lacklustre outlook. A minority of six percent researched the customer service levels of the organisation they bank with, some oven claimed to have the bank account set up for them by parents when they were children.

This report shows that to get the most out of financial services an appropriate level of prior research should always be conducted. Speak to an impartial financial adviser today to get the most out of your unique financial situation.