International distance learning takes off

Distance Learning

Online studying is on the rise amongst the international expat community.

Figures show that the number of already-skilled professionals who opt to continue studying into their working lives is actually exceeding expert predictions, reports the international programme department at the University of London.

Professor Jonathan Kydd, dean of the department, says that there are currently 52,000 distant students on the university’s books, a figure that exceed previous expectations: “Four years ago, we only had two-thirds that number. Who knows where we will be in four years’ time. The rate of expansion is extraordinary, and universities like London are having to make continual adjustments,” he said.

Professor Kydd is an expert himself having researched the topic of distance learning extensively. He recently travelled to the Going Global conference in Hong Kong which was organised by the British Council and focussed on international education.

These types of online distance courses are perfect for busy individuals who want to further their career with new qualifications. Such courses also introduce pupils to other like-minded individuals as Kydd explains: “They are highly qualified professionals. But they are attracted by a course that will bring them into contact with an international peer group.”