Expats should be proud of their origins


New research has discovered that expats who are open about their expatriate status amongst new colleagues are more likely to get on with their new co-workers than those who are more guarded about their past.

Social psychologists in Canada have been conducting a study about expat integration, they have so far found that native workers are more likely to give a co-worker assistance if they know that they are foreign.

One of the psychologists involved in the study, Professor Geoffrey Leonardelli, said: “Past research would conclude that, to gain the assistance of locals, it would be better for the expatriate to blend in and hide their foreign origins. However, we report for the first time that it is better for expatriates to be seen as foreign.”

However it's worth noting that the study found that in almost all cases employees were treated fairly at all times regardless of their background. According to Professor Leonardelli the study is showing that expat integration is generally improving as more and more people opt to become expats: “Expatriates are an increasingly valuable resource in an increasingly global society,” he said.