Yorkshire Tea reach out to tea-starved expats


Yorkshire Tea, the tea company owned by Taylors of Harrogate, has embarked on a campaign to reach out to British expats who are in need of a “proper brew”.

As part of a new £5 million campaign Yorkshire Tea will send representatives from the company abroad to supply Brits working abroad with a decent cup of English tea.

According to Yorkshire Tea the campaign was born out of comments that expats left on social networking websites bemoaning their lack of a nice cup of tea.

Liz Earl, brand manager at Taylors of Harrogate said: “We’ve only been using social networking sites for a year or so, but we quickly noticed a lot of activity from expat Brits who spoke about how they missed their tea. It really seems to be something that people crave when they’re abroad – especially in the US, where we hear even finding a kettle can be something of a mission. Eventually we'd heard so much about how hard it was to get a good cup of tea in the US, we decided it was time to take them a decent brew.”

The company will now use sites like Facebook and Twitter to locate more expats who are in severe need of tea.