British Expats are “Educated and Skilled”

happy workers

A recent study has shown that British expatriates working abroad are generally skilled, educated, motivated and adventurous.

The report, Global Brit: Making the Most of the British Diaspora, was compiled by the Institute of Public Policy Research, who hope that the Government will continue to back British people abroad as they can potentially aid international affairs and spread a good image of Great Britain.

According to the report, and contrary to the image some people hold, the majority of Brits abroad often involve themselves in virtuous endeavours such as charity work, civic activism and business development.

Head of migration at IPPR, Tom Finch, said: “The big British emigration boom of the last decade may be over, and the days when everyone could dream of a 'place in the sun' are disappearing, but there are still almost as many Britons living and working overseas as there are foreign nationals in Britain. In other words, emigration is as important a phenomenon as immigration.”

With so many skilled workers leaving the UK, Britain is said to be experiencing a ‘brain drain’. There are currently thought to be about 5.6 million British people living and working abroad. Popular cities for emigration include: Singapore, Dubai, Moscow and Hong Kong.