It's hard to make friends in Europe


According to new studies, expats in Europe have more difficulty making friends than anywhere else in the world.

A new survey has discovered that emotional concerns, such as making new friends, top the list of expat worries, however expats in Europe are amongst those who find new friends especially hard to come by.

In a 25 country 'making friends' table, all five bottom places were occupied by European countries, namely Belgium, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands.

In contrast, the top slots were taken by far away locations Bermuda, Bahrain, Thailand, South Africa and Hong Kong.

The reasons for these findings are unclear, while some suggest European language barriers prohibit easy friend making, the top countries also have their own languages to decipher, and in reality the results may simply be attributed to a downbeat European mindset.

Evelyn Simpson, an expat life coach, told The Telegraph: “friendships have a big impact on health and well-being, and expats have the challenge of starting from scratch in making those friendships.”