Moving abroad is a wise move for the wealthy


Wealthy Brit

Moving abroad is something that many people dream of, however there is no denying that wealthy individuals are invariably in a better position to live out their dreams than their smaller wallet-ed contemporaries.

However another question can also be drawn from this, if someone has considerable financial means at their disposal then why would they want to move away when they can enjoy the best of what the UK has to offer?

Well a recent survey by Lloyds TSB sought to find the answers as they investigated the reasons why some of their wealthier clients hanker after a foreign getaway. To get a clear picture Lloyds TSB quizzed 1,000 people who each had at least £250,000 saved away, and it seems that the majority were concerned by the same three factors.

With Britain warned of a brain drain imminent, it’s important to find out what the chief motivational factors are for leaving.

The survey showed that 35 percent of the respondents are unhappy with the state of the UK economy and the current UK tax regime. A further 43 percent claimed to be unhappy with crime and antisocial behaviour in the UK, and 44 percent cited that old British adage- bad weather- as their most hated aspect.

However, the most telling finding was that 50 percent felt that living in Britain puts a shackle on their finances, and that people who live in other developed countries enjoy greater financial reward, creation of wealth and wealth preservation.

As a result of these issues 34 percent of the respondents admitted that they were seriously planning a move abroad in the near future, with 14 percent adamant that such a move would occur within the next two years.

Sadly this is not new news, simply a continuation of a trend. More and more people are growing increasingly disillusioned with life in the UK, and with no end to austerity in sight it seems that wealthy Britons will continue to depart for, quite literally, greener pastures- and who can blame them?