Health insurer supplies quotes in minutes



A new international health insurer claims it can supply potential customers with a quote in minutes.

Now Health International is a recently launched company who claims to be the only insurer offering the option of a bespoke insurance package for companies, one where they can get cover, a price, and where they can upload their list of people all online.

Alison Massey, the company’s marketing and e-commerce director, said: “This is a first in the international private medical insurance market, where companies and intermediaries can get a quote for group international health insurance online. We don’t believe our customers and intermediaries should have to wait to find out what their preferred plan costs.”

Health insurance is often cited as one of the most important areas of consideration when expatriates first move to a new country. Without adequate insurance expats can find that they do not have access to healthcare of an acceptable standard, and in some cases they may even find that they are not given access to healthcare at all.