English speaking destinations



Becoming an expat in another country brings many challenges, with the language barrier being one of the most important hurdles to scale.

Luckily, English is a globally accepted business language, however this isn’t necessarily the case in all countries.

A new study has sought to discover which countries around the world have the best command of English, and which don’t.

The study was conducted by EF First, the biggest English training school in the world. They discovered that countries in Scandinavia had the best command of English where it is not the first language.

To get the results the test scores of over 2.3 million adults from 44 different countries were compared. Interestingly, despite many people predicting that it will soon become the biggest English-speaking country in the world, China came just 29 in the list.

The survey also found out that countries with limited English speakers inevitable had less money as a nation. Bill Fisher, president of EF’s online English division, said: “For developing countries to compete successfully in global industries and capitalize on the business outsourcing boom, the ability to produce large numbers of skilled graduates who are able to communicate in English must be a top priority.”