UK pensioners hit with shock tax bills

OAP Worry

A number of UK pensioners have been handed shock tax bills by HMRC, with orders to pay them in just a matter of days.

HMRC has launched another aggressive offensive geared towards raising money and lowering the national debt, and as is now the pattern, it seems that vulnerable members of society are feeling the effects the most.

Many pensioners with low incomes thought they would be given close to three years to repay the bills, however HMRC has now ordered the bill sot be repaid within a month.

The worrying aspect of this is the fact that many of the shock tax bills are those that were issued as a result of HMRC's own error last year with the tax code fiasco.

Elaine Clark, director of, says: 'Something has gone very seriously wrong here. These demands are landing on people's doormats and it is scaring the life out of people who have very little money to spare.”

Some of the pensioners who have been forced into the payments are considering taking legal action against HMRC.