Expats welcomed in Canada- but get a job first!



An evaluation of Canada's expat skilled worker program has shown that expats are making a valuable contribution to Canadian society, however it has also shown that securing employment before travelling to Canada is very important for the expats themselves.

The report was conducted by the Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and Multicultaralism and it discovered that early indicators of a successful expat life in Canada include having a job prior to travel, and the abiltiy to speak English or French, or having worked in Canada at a previous time. Having family in Canada, or having studied there, was found to be less important.

Recently the Canadian government imposed the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) which put a new immigration selection criteria into effect that put a greater emphasis on pre-arranged employment, skills and qualifications.

According to the report skilled individuals with pre-arranged employment tend to earn an average figure of around $79,200.

Jason Kenney form the Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and Multicultaralism said: “The evaluation showed that skilled immigrants are doing well in Canada and filling gaps in our work force.”