More expats venture to BRIC


A new survey has revealed that more and more expats are willing to work in the BRIC nations- Brazil, Russia, India and China.

The survey, Global Professionals on the Move 2011, was conducted by The Hydrogen Group with a view to examining the fortunes and outlooks of expatriate professionals around the world.

One of the areas they looked into was where expats are actually travelling to. While English speaking expat locations like USA and Australia were popular, they found that percentages for expats travelling to more exotic locations are increasing.

The research showed that interest in Brazil and China had risen by two percent. Singapore had a bigger rise of five percent, and Jong Kong lay in the middle with a rise of 4 percent.

This shows that an increasing number of skilled workers are beginning to realise the opportunities that exist in developing countries.

Michele Bonanni is an EU citizen who now works in Iraq, in the report she said: “The Middle East, Africa, Georgia, South America, I’ve wanted to work abroad since the first day I joined an oil company. To make it happen I contacted overseas agencies, including Hydrogen, so they could introduce me to international companies. “I love working in new places and meeting people from different cultures. You learn to integrate and understand diverse cultures as well as finding out as much as possible about our small world.”