Barclays is the most complained about bank


According to new figure released by the Financial Services Authority, Barclays Bank holds the dubious honour of being the most complained about bank in the UK.

According to the FSA around 5,000 complaints are made against Barclays every single day.

Worryingly, one of the main criticisms against the bank is the fact that it issues sub-standard advice on financial products and pensions, along with having a poor standard of general customer service.

In the last six months of last year Barclays amassed 276,315 which was greater than the second placed Santander who had 195,475. Lloyds TSB was third with 175,892 complaints and then came RBS with 123,477.

Despite Barclays coming on top of the shame list, in general this shows that UK high street banks leave a lot to be desired.

Over the last few years UK banks have come under a great deal of criticism, not only for the way they handle customers but also for the advice they give out to customers. This could be one of the main reasons more and more people are looking into the options of offshore finance.

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