Canada seeks scholarly expats



Canada has been announced plans to accept up to 1,000 international PhD students each year as permanent residents through its Federal Skilled Worker Programme.

International PhD students can now apply to join the country as skilled workers. To be eligible, they must have finished at least two years of PhD study. Persons who have newly graduated from a Canadian PhD programme will also be eligible to apply, provided they do so within 12 months of their graduation.

The Canadian Government feels that attracting and retaining educated foreigners will assist Canada to compete in the knowledge based world economy, as Gary Goodyear, Minister of State Science and Technology, explains: “Doctoral graduates play a unique role in the economy. They drive research, encourage innovation and pass on their knowledge through teaching and quite simply, Canada needs more of them. With this initiative, we are telling the innovators of tomorrow that Canada is ready to welcome them and their ideas.”

The Canadian government is also planning to bring in more federal skilled workers during 2012. Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney, said: “The government’s number one priority remains the economy. We recognize the importance of immigration to our labour market and we value the contributions of skilled immigrants who add to our international competitiveness. We are committed to facilitating the arrival of the best and the brightest to our country.”