British expatriate makes history in Nepal

Gay Wedding

A British expatriate has made history in Nepal by becoming the first foreigner to marry another man in the country.

Sanjay Shah, formerly from Leicester, married his unnamed partner in a same-sex ceremony in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, in August just passed.

The landmark wedding took place days before Nepal’s first ever gay pride march, and is said to have been praised by gay and lesbian campaigners around the world. The march itself was attended by over 2000 people.

Gay rights were approved by the Nepalese Supreme Court in 2008, and despite an appropriate law yet to be enacted, gay marriages are seen as legit if a priest arranges the ceremony, which was the case with Mr Shah and his blushing groom.

The Nepalese Government will make same-sex marriages official as soon as the gay rights law is passed through their constitution. The Government is in favour of expanding its rights and welcoming homosexuals from around the world as they feel it could help boost tourist revenue and generally bolster the economy.

Nepalese MP Sunil Plant, the country’s most prominent gay activist, said: “Most Asian countries don't welcome gay visitors, so we can have the maximum benefit for the Nepal economy which is fragile after years of war.”