New tool for expats interested in Canada



The government of Canada have created a new internet tool that will help foreigners who are interested in moving to Canada.

Dubbed the ‘Come to Canada’ wizard, the tool will allow prospective expats to use the internet prior to a move to see if they are eligible to live in Canada.

The tool was created to simplify the application process for potential expatriates, as Jason Kenney, the Canadian Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism explained: “We understand that our application processes can be complex, but this new tool is a major service improvement. The Wizard will make it easier for potential immigrants and visitors to navigate the application process. The Wizard should also reduce applicants’ reliance on immigration consultants and hopefully will make the Department more efficient by decreasing calls to our call centre.”

The Wizard will cut admin times by automatically matching up applicants with the immigration options that are most suited to their individual circumstances, upon completion of a series of questions.

Canada remains an enticing place for expatriates to venture to, and recently the country has stepped up its efforts to bring in more skilled foreign workers.