Foreign Office implores Brits to be aware of foreign laws



The UK Foreign Office has asked UK citizens abroad to be more aware of foreign laws.

Overall, the number of Britons falling afoul of foreign laws has actually fallen somewhat however the FO has implored travellers to other countries to be as respectful as possible.

Figures of laws being broken abroad have dropped by around 10 percent, but there were still over 5,000 cases of Britons in legal trouble abroad over the last year.

The safety of Brits is of paramount importance to the Foreign Office, and they are quick to warn Brits that sentences and jail conditions can often be much harsher in other countries than they would be in the UK.

Foreign Office minister David Lidington said: “We work hard to warn British nationals about the consequences of breaking the law abroad so it is really encouraging to see the overall number of cases of arrests and drug arrests falling. Last year though, there were still 5,700 arrests of British nationals overseas. People are mistaken if they think the Foreign Office can get you out of jail. We can’t, but we will work hard to try and ensure your safety, and that you get a fair trial.”

The term “work hard to ensure” is the main point here, despite efforts made it may not always be possible to get arrested people out of foreign holdings. Worryingly, Foreign Office research has revealed that a third of travellers are not aware that they can be prosecuted under local laws when abroad.

The Foreign Office has also urged Brits to have travel insurance to help if they encounter medical problems when abroad.