Expat life attracts more Britons

Move Abroad

New studies have again underlined the fact that the United Kingdom is becoming an increasingly less attractive place for skilled professionals.

Currency broker Currencies.co.uk have just released their findings from a recent study, and they’ve revealed that around a third of UK employees are seriously thinking about leaving the UK within the next five years.

It seems that two of the main factors are a downbeat UK job landscape and the UK’s dwindling collective bank balance- 86 percent said they’d like to leave to achieve a better work/life balance and 83 percent would leave to make more money.

Worryingly so for the future of the UK, the amount of younger people who hanker after a move abroad is even greater. Around half of the 18-34 bracket said they’d like to move abroad.

Currencies.co.uk analyst Stephen Hughes said: “This study demonstrates a severe lack of confidence in the employment situation in the UK, particularly among younger age groups. While not all of these people will end up moving overseas, unless conditions improve there is a significant risk that we'll see a much higher level of emigration in years to come. We've seen a dramatic increase in people transferring money for rental deposits having secured employment overseas since the start of the economic crisis and this is likely to continue.”