Expats report healthy finances

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British expats have remained largely unaffected by the financial and political turmoil that has swept much of the world, new research has revealed.Seven out of 10 expats claim their lives have been unaffected by political and economic issues that have played havoc on the finances of many global citizens.

Expats in China, the UAE, Hong Kong and Singapore reported that their standard of living has actually improved in the last few years.

However despite overall good fortune, expats in some Eurozone countries have suffered from debt problems afflicting the area and falling currency rates.

The report, completed by NatWest, has also shown that expats are putting more emphasis on financial planning and money management. Around 44 percent of expats stated that they are attempting to manage their money better.

NatWest’s Dave Isley said: “When the first index was carried out in 2007, confidence around the world was high as the global economy was expanding, household prosperity was increasing and global GDP forecasts were positive. Fast forward five years and it’s a very different picture however, it is the expats who are riding the storm with the majority planning to remain abroad. Those who are most likely to return home are those who retired to France, Portugal and Spain as their disposable income diminishes and the cost of living rises.”