Man to sell life in bid to become expat


An English businessman his literally put his whole life up for sale, so that he can leave the country for greener pastures.

Terry Kaye, from Scarborough, has put what he calls his “entire life”, consisting of his business, his home and his car, for an all-in-one sale of £99,000.

The 40 year old business man has made the unusual decision after receiving a health warning from his doctor, he has been working in the pub trade for over 20 years now and the stress of working long hours during both day and night is beginning to take its toll: “Running a pub isn't a job, it is a way of life”, he said.

The life package in detail is his TKO sports bar, his flat in the centre of town and his Porsche Boxster automobile, Kaye has also pointed out that the bar is not connected to any chain and makes a profit.

Following a sale Kaye will embark on a relaxing trip away from the UK, which he insists is the only reason for the sale, and that his decision has nothing to do with the current economy.

The story echoes that of a previous Scarborough man, Ian Usher, who put his life up for sale in 2008, following the break-up of his marriage.