British expats remain happy in Spain


Despite a bleak economic situation and bitter disputes over property scandals, a survey has revealed that British expats remain happy in Spain.

Researchers at Lloyds TSB International, conducted the survey and asked 1,000 British expatriates in 10 popular destinations to rate their new countries on a number of factors such as quality of life and cost of living.

Unsurprisingly, a large number of people, 68 per cent, claimed to be much happier in their new home than they were back in Britain, and this figure rose to 75.9 percent for British expats who are in Spain.

Interestingly, many expats, 71 percent, also stated that they were financially better off in Spain than they were in Britain, regardless of Spain’s economic turmoil, however 80 per cent of the surveyed suggested that this is due to a lower cost of living there.

A British expat currently living in Spain said: People still look after one another and really do live in the moment,” he explained. “The Spanish still seem to value the things that we have long ago forgotten- outdoor lifestyle, traditional family values, and a positive outlook on life.”

Canada and Germany also recorded high levels of happiness, 72.2 percent and 71.4 percent of respondents stating better-than-previous levels happiness respectively.

The survey also revealed some interesting contrasts, for instance, New Zealand was said to have a very high quality of life, but had the least percentage of happy expats.