New social site created for expats


A new social networking site has been created specifically for expats.

For Expats By Expats has been touted as a new way for expats around the world to connect with each other, trade stories, and share personal experiences of living and working abroad.

The site aims to connect expats with other expats who may live in the same country, work in the same country, or simply have in interest in expat lives.

When creating a profile on the site, you are asked to fill in details of your expat life including your home country, new country, employment details and also your general interest and activities. The site could prove to be of great use to expats who have recently moved abroad. Listening to the experiences of other expats could go a long way to easing the transition of moving abroad, and the site could also be an invaluable way of meeting like-minded people in the same area.

In fact, many aspects of the site make it perfect for expats who are new to a country to locate other expats. You can search for people by area, as well as by their profession age, nationality and interests.

The site's mission statement reads: “To make a positive impact on the life of Expats through a web-based community, where they can connect to socialize and share experiences. This is done by providing an online universe which is personally relevant, inspiring and fun!”

The creator of the site, Christian Bidstrup is himself an expat and he said: “I have been an Expat for ten years and have experienced the strong bond there is between Expats, and I wanted to create an on-line community where they can connect, socialize and share experiences.”