Be wary of unscrupulous will writers



A new study has revealed that there are a number of dubious 'will writers' operating in the UK, and citizens should be wary of avoiding them when making financial arrangements.

The warning stems form a report by the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP). STEP has discovered a large amount of dishonest and incompetent will writers. Hidden fees and actual thefts from estates themselves are some of the worrying concerns highlighted.

The main issues that emerged were: unqualified will writers who render wills invalid through sheer incompetence: unregulated and uninsured will writers: cowboy will-writing firms that vanish or go bust with clients money nowhere to be found and firms that would mislead clients into drafting new wills, and spending more money, by claiming laws had changed.

Unfortunately our world is populated by many unscrupulous characters whose sole purpose is swindling honest individuals out of their life-earned money. To ensure you receive good financial advice make sure you only do business with advisers who are fully regulated and qualified.

If you do need advice regarding your estate and other financial matters to do with retirement, get in touch with a recommended financial planner today.