Students join departing Brits



The problems that have recently plagued England and sent UK citizens abroad in their droves- poor pensions, employment problems, high taxes, high living costs, VAT increases etc, have been well documented. However, it has emerged that not only adult citizens are feeling the pinch and fleeing abroad, it appears that students are beginning to do so also.

New reports have emerged that suggest UK universities could soon be suffering a mass exodus of applicants, as rising higher education costs join the list of everything else in Britain that is going up in price.

In fact, higher education in Britain is now more expensive than many other countries, countries that themselves have excellent universities, and as such many young people, the future brains of Britain, are opting to take their education overseas.

This news has coincided with the publishing of this year’s QS World University Rankings. Although British staples maintain excellent rankings, Cambridge is ranked number one and three others join it in the top ten, many cheaper universities abroad rank higher than other English universities, giving an attractive foreign option.

Times Good University Guide editor, John O’Leary said: “With so many well-qualified UK candidates missing out on university places, this year’s QS rankings may encourage many to consider applying to universities abroad. While studying abroad has traditionally been seen as the preserve of a wealthy minority, fee increases alongside greater provision of English-language degrees in Europe mean that it could now actually be a money-saving alternative – this is an entirely new situation.”