Expats earn well in the Middle East


Expatriate pay packages in Middle East locations such as Qatar and Oman are now amongst the highest found anywhere in the world.

Skilled British expatriates are sought after in the Middle East, and as international competition for skilled workers increases, so must wage packets to ensure that businesses get the staff they want. Also, in the Middle East, British expats are preferred to those from other nations, so the potential for a professional Briton to make a decent wage is now very high is now very high.

Kitt Scott-Brown, director of executive emplotment agency InterExec, said: “In the Middle East, the Brits tend to be preferred to the Americans, because they are more diplomatic and more able to adapt to the culture. Particularly relevant at the moment are Qatar and Oman. There is not much in Kuwait but Dubai is distinctly coming back. British citizens are an attractive asset to many overseas employers and as such, they will pay to get a top quality, experienced and high-profile employees, particularly in America and Asia.”

Salary packets overseas are often a lot better than those found in the UK, and many also come with attractive perks, as Scott-Brow explains: “One of our most recent positions came with a full-time chauffeur, which would be unheard of in the United Kingdom.”

Along with high wages and added perks, Qatar and Oman also offer the bonus of minimal taxation, giving UK expats another reason to seriously consider a move to the Middle East.