Australia tops expat list



British people who want to move overseas see Australia as the ideal destination, a new report has revealed.

The research, conducted by Post Office International Payments, looked into what drives British citizens into becoming expatriates, and where they most want to go. According to the results of the study around 27 percent of Brits are actively considering a move overseas, and a further 20 percent would not rule the idea out.

The most popular destination was found to be Australia, with 21 percent of the interviewed individuals citing it as their destination of choice. The United States were second on the expat wish list with 18 percent, followed by 14 percent who want to go to Canada and 10 percent who see Spain as their perfect new home.

Sarah Munro, one of the people behind Post Office International Payment’s research, said: Living and working overseas is a tempting thought, with many people considering a move abroad at some point. However, taking the plunge is a big emotional and financial upheaval, and it isn't surprising that the worry of leaving family and friends is the main barrier. For those looking to live or work overseas, the average amount of time people expect to stay is about seven years, giving them plenty of time to immerse themselves fully in the culture and enjoy a different way of living.