HSBC launch online Expat tool



HSBC International has launched a new feature on their website that allows expats and potential expats to look at quality of life in 25 different popular expat destinations.

Each year HSBC conduct an in-depth examination of expat life, the Expat Explorer Survey, and now they have condensed the findings from last year’s survey into the handy tool, dubbed- Expat Explorer.

The Expat Explorer Survey is claimed to be “the world’s largest study of expats” and around 4,127 expats are thought to contribute each year. Various factors of expat life are examined in the survey including healthcare, quality of life, education, employment and much more.

While the information mined from these surveys was previously only made public through a series of in-depth reports, the new tool will give the expat public an easier way of digesting the information.

HSBC have been quick to highlight the use of the tool, not just for current expats, but also for people who are simply thinking about moving abroad. Lisa Wood from HSBC said: “Considering a move abroad can be a daunting prospect, often involving a huge amount of research and hopefully through our new online resource we’ll provide some really useful insights for any potential expats.”