Britain’s hardest working man moves to Australia



The United Kingdom has lost the man dubbed the country’s hardest working by the media, as he has decided to up sticks and seek a less strenuous life abroad in Australia.

Forty-two year old David Jones from Cumbria once made headlines in the UK for his tireless work ethic and staunch refusal to accept state benefits. Instead, to support his large family Mr Jones worked around the clock in a bid to earn enough money to survive.

However, now, Mr Jones has taken his wife and 12 children to Brisbane Australia after a “unanimous” family decision, in a bid to lead a better life and create more opportunities for his children.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Mr Jones revealed that he had grown disillusioned with UK life: “I have got to do the best for my kids and I feel like the way the UK is at the moment that the opportunities I want for my children are not going to be there. It is a happy time because it is a new life and a new opportunity for all of us,” he said.

This mentality is not uncommon in the UK, and many others are also choosing to leave what is fast becoming a difficult country to live in. If you are interested in having a better quality of life abroad, please explore the information on Expat & Offshore and learn how you can find better opportunities for both your personal and financial life overseas.