UAE expats given more employment freedom

UAE Flag

The United Arab Emirates Labour Ministry is set to announce its decision regarding expat workers seeking new employment once their existing contracts have run out.

It is believed that a ruling will be made that will allow expat workers to continue working in the country if there is a genuine need for their skills.

This comes at a time when the UAE is overhauling its expat workers schemes, and doing away with the highly restrictive sponsorship scheme, in a bid to keep the Emirates as a healthy destination for expat workers. Not only is the sponsorship scheme controversial for the for restricting expats, experts estimate it costs the UAE up to Dh50 billion each year.

Speaking to Gulf News, Labour Rights champion Yousuf Obaid Ali Al Nuaimi said: “Eventually, all foreign workers must be under the jurisdiction of one authority — the Ministry of Labour. Workers must be allowed to change jobs smoothly once a contract ends and no employer should be allowed to withhold workers' passports.”

The UAE has long been a popular destination for foreign workers and these legislation changes will serve to keep the expats coming in Learn more about what working in the UAE can offer you here