May 2011 News

31st May 2011 Guernsey finance industry praised

31st May 2011 New Zealand QROPS given new hope

28th May 2011 Expats face higher healthcare costs

28th May 2011 Isle of Man life assurance firms see British boom

27th May 2011 New expat networking site

27th May 2011 Ethical assets gain weight as The Co-operative Group jump on board

26th May 2011 British expats in Europe get healthcare bonus

25th May 2011 Expats ignore warning from native countries

24th May 2011 UAE expat population grows to 90 percent

24th May 2011 Government minister to crack down on HMRC

23rd May 2011 Yacht sales increase amongst the world’s super rich

23rd May 2011 Banks reap huge profit from overseas transfer

20th May 2011 Frequent travellers encounter health problems

20th May 2011 Brit arrested in Japan over noisy politician protest

19th May 2011 Smart ID card available for expats in Qatar

19th May 2011 Older Brits are losing money fast

18th May 2011 Expat Explorer 2011 wants YOU

18th May 2011 Saudi Arabia set to recruit expat medics

17th May 2011 Think tank slams 50 percent tax rate

17th May 2011 Brits beleaguered by HMRC

16th May 2011 British Counsel praises expat teamwork

16th May 2011 More British expats send money back home

13th May 2011 Expats snap EU property bargains

13th May 2011 Send kisses across the internet

12th May 2011 International distance learning takes off

12th May 2011 Moving abroad is a wise move for the wealthy

11th May 2011 HMRC threatens people who have paid their tax

11th May 2011 Countries with the wealthiest households

10th May 2011 Bahrain visa system confuses expats

10th May 2011 Australian business leader may step into frozen pensions row

9th May 2011 Canada expat recruitment steps up a gear

9th May 2011 Taiwan proves to be popular for expats

6th May 2011 British expats introduces Cornish Pasty to the Danish

6th May 2011 Spanish minister pushes property to UK investors

5th May 2011 Iraq seeks foreign investment

5th May 2011 HMRC strong-arm tactics

4th May 2011 Spain encourages expat property investment

4th May 2011 Canada needs more expats

3rd May 2011 Expats speak highly of life in Seoul

3rd May 2011 Bahrain expats avoid danger