Hong Kong named as ideal expat destination

Hong Kong

An expatriate writer has claimed that Hong Kong is the perfect for expats to live, with the country given a ten out of ten rating.

A recent article in The Telegraph, has the British expat Julia Shipway extolling the virtues of Hong Kong, just as she leaves the city, and she urges prospective expats to consider the city as a destination of choice.

Some of the elements of Hong Kong lauded by Shipway included the wide range of cuisine, the level of comfort that is obtainable in the city, the transport system, entertainment and the general ease of living.

Within the article Shipway said: “Coming from London, I remain enchanted by such high standards.”

This comes at a time when another expat has praised one of Hong Kong's neighbours in equal measures- Singapore.

Expat teacher Robert Leveson has spoken of his joy at relocating to Singapore. He said : “Singapore is rather like a giant hotel buffet: everything is laid out nicely for you to sample at leisure.”

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