Global Guy Fawkes

Guy Fawkes

Remember, remember the fifth of November, yes we all know the rhyme, it's time for the celebration of Guy Fawkes day.

Celebrating the day a man tried to blow up the houses of Parliament has long been a revered tradition in England, an event the whole family can enjoy. Huddled together in the cold, gazing in to the sky at the fanciful fireworks, bonfire night is truly one of the highlights of the year.

But what of our expatriated brothers and sisters, how are they to enjoy the wonders of minor explosives illuminating the night sky? Perhaps a Skype video chat? No, that would be silly, bonfire night isn’t exclusive to the United Kingdom, there are events happening all over the world.

In Tokyo, one of Asia's expat hotspots, specialist English pub The Aldgate is holding a Guy Fawkes event this evening. Visitors to the event are promised a fireworks display, food and drinks.

Expats in New Zealand are in for a treat as the Kiwi's are possibly the second biggest celebrators of bonfire night after the Brits. There will be grand displays all over the country and shows in Auckland, Wellington Harbour and New Brighton Pier are expected to be highlights.

Depending on where you are there could also be more events occurring so check out your local event guides for more details.