Bupa Flex to Benefit ‘Short-term’ Expats

Expat Globe

Bupa International has launched a new health insurance plan, Bupa Flex which will benefit expats who are spending less than one year abroad.

The plan is an international private medical insurance that allows for cover for any period between three and eleven months.

Previously, expats had no option to buy an annual international Bupa healthcare policy if they were travelling for any amount of time over a month. Bupa Flex lets customers choose the length of the policy whilst still receiving all the benefits of being a Bupa International member.

As global markets expand to shores as far as China and Brazil, expats are less likely to spend several years away so far from home meaning that the number of ‘short-term’ expats has increased. Whilst remaining in the confines of Europe, expats from the continent would have fewer qualms about being based abroad for too long.

Bupa International’s marketing director Muriel MacCallum has identified this policy as appealing to a niche market and was quoted as saying,” If you are relocating abroad, or travelling on an overseas assignment through work, you don’t necessarily want to take out a full year’s policy, but you still want the comprehensive cover international private medical insurance provides.

“Our customers will still have access to the best possible care and treatment, wherever they are in the world, but with a timeframe and price that suits their needs.”

Muriel explains that, “A 42-year-old in China taking cover for nine months would a pay a premium of £675. But that incorporates a £1,000 one-off excess or “deductible”.

The company claim that one cannot make a direct comparison in cost between the Flex and its main overseas plan. “Customers can also choose to extend their cover at any point during their policy and the cover that is provided is “re-underwritten.”

However, the extension doesn’t include the USA and on-going treatment at the end of a policy will only be considered on a “case-by-case basis.”