One in ten Britons open to move overseas


Move Abroad

Recent research has suggested that a staggering 90 percent of British citizens would consider leaving the United Kingdom for better opportunities overseas within the next five years.

It seems that the general view within the UK right now is that there are better means of pursuing a prosperous life abroad.

These views were revealed by Skyscanner, who conducted the survey. They discovered that the two main reasons people are open to a move abroad are poor UK job prospects and expensive property prices.

As the notion of becoming an expatriate becomes more popular, so does the actual act of becoming one. People who do believe a better life awaits them somewhere else could be encouraged by the growing need for globally minded workers. Many people believe that the international recruitment world is slowly creating a new standard for international business employees.

The old image of an expatriates is ever changing, as David Isley, head of International Personal Banking at NatWest explains: “The growth of the global worker has brought with it an opportunity to share knowledge and experience around the world. The great brain exchange is a fantastic concept of other economies temporarily sharing the strengths of British workers. Due to advances in travel and telecommunications, it is now much easier for international operations to run via daily phone calls, e-mail, and video conferencing. It has opened the door to sending young, talented, professionals abroad, while being supervised and coached by their managers in the UK.”