Satellite Internet for expats

Many expats find themselves living in areas with limited internet connectivity. However help is on hand, if you're living offshore and outside the reach of traditional broadband then Satellite Broadband is the answer. A UK based company, BeyonDSL, have packages starting at £18.99 a month and can deliver speeds of up to 4Mbps anywhere within their European footprint with no phone line required. World

The equipment costs £299.99 and can be self-installed if you're technically-minded. BeyonDSL have full professional installer coverage of the UK but if you're abroad any satellite installer would be able to do it.

Because they use ASTRA (official broadcasters of Sky TV) Sky, Freesat or European TV can be added on the same dish and a dedicated VOIP channel can be setup to allow for unlimited use of the telephone without any effect on your internet connection.

Satellite Internet finally means that nowhere is outside the reach of broadband.