New agency helps foreigners move to Singapore



A new agency has been launched by the government of Singapore to help attract skilled expatriates into working in the country.

Contact Singapore has been established specifically to bring in talented non-Singaporeans in to help build industries and add to the current workforce.

Contact Singapore works in league with Singapore employers and provides expatriates with information regarding job opportunities and industry-specific information. They also pledge to provide further support for expatriates who have moved over and are adapting to life in Singapore.

New expats will not only be helped with finding work, but also accommodation, opening a bank account, finding an doctor and even with finding an appropriate school if they have any children.

In a further indication of the agency’s drive to assist expats, there will even be special workshops held in the UK for people who are about to move.

A spokesman for Contact Singapore said: “Singapore, as a destination for expats, is getting more and more popular. The economy is doing well and the fact that English is spoken is also a major factor in people not feeling out of place. The quality of life is good, it is safe for families and the city has a cosmopolitan feel.”

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